About Me

I’m a global citizen intent on helping others achieve a more open and empathetic world. I do this through culture, communication, food, and language

Building and exploring cultures is what I know and love. 
Building strong organizational cultures pushes me to create amazing teams of incredible people who all bring something unique to the table. 
Exploring cultures different from my own is my never-ending passion and my idea of adventure.

Whether it’s digitally through marketing, face-to-face in interviews and meetings, or electronically within my company, I enjoy finding innovative solutions to removing obstacles toward effective communication.

Creating and sharing vibrant, plant-based food is my way of offering love to myself and those around me. Helping other people become their healthiest selves is my never-ending journey of passion.
Find my holistic nutrition coaching and personal chef services here: plantssogood.com 

Language is my point of entry and exploration into new cultures. Just as no two cultures are the same, no two languages are identical; each has their own quirks, challenges, and beauty. One of my long-term goals is to travel across the globe and speak fluently everywhere I go.